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KS1 Non-Fiction

Discounted KS1 Non-Fiction School Books

Electricity and Magnetism | KS1 Science

This fantastic resource is a one-stop-shop for everything your KS1 learners need to know about electricity and magnetism.

7 books for £38.00 (SAVE £40.73)

RRP £78.73

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Habitats | KS1 Science

Introduce young readers to a variety of habitats and the animals you would find there. From coral reefs to the jungle, these wonderfully vibrant books are perfect for capturing the attention of KS1 children and will aid pupils in identifying the various types of habitats across the world.

10 books for £54.00 (SAVE £53.90)

RRP £107.90

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KS1 & KS2 Art, Design & Technology Lucky Dip Box

Open up the magnificent world of art, design and technology with books that are sure to inspire and motivate your pupils’ to create something wonderful. These books look at various styles of art, how to draw and paint, as well as how objects are made and how contraptions work.

20 books for £30.00 (SAVE £0.00)

RRP £30.00

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KS1 & KS2 PSHE Lucky Dip Box

PSHE can easily get overlooked when it comes to providing books in the library but with this superb value collection you can ensure your pupils have access to books that will aid their development in Personal, Social and Health education. Topics include, but are not limited to, keeping healthy through sport and nutrition, prejudices and relationships, keeping safe and people who help us.

20 books for £30.00 (SAVE £0.00)

RRP £30.00

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Materials | KS1 Science

Uncover how everyday materials are made, their various properties and how this makes them suitable for their numerous applications.

7 books for £36.00 (SAVE £36.43)

RRP £72.43

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Maths | KS1 Maths

Numbers, counting, sizes, shapes and measuring are all included in this maths collection for beginners.

10 books for £31.00 (SAVE £32.00)

RRP £63.00

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Minibeasts | KS1 Science

This excellent resource contains everything your KS1 pupils could ever want to know about creepy crawlies.

12 books for £54.00 (SAVE £54.88)

RRP £108.88

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My Body | KS1 Science

A fantastic science collection which is an ideal introduction to the five senses, but also establishes the use of our bones, digestion, and respiratory system.

10 books for £48.00 (SAVE £49.90)

RRP £97.90

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Non-Fiction Big Books | Limited Stock

Big Books are a great way of encouraging group interaction and this collection is sure to inspire your young pupils' minds with non-fiction subjects such as farm animals, penguins and toys.

9 books for £20.00 (SAVE £122.91)

RRP £142.91

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Non-Fiction for KS1

This collection tackles several interesting subjects with a large focus on the animal kingdom. Each title gives a basic introduction to the topic in a concise manner and is accompanied by stunning photographs to grab and keep the attention of young children.

20 books for £86.00 (SAVE £85.33)

RRP £171.33

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Ocean & Marine Life | KS1 Science

Coral reefs, sea creatures and seashores are just a few of the subjects covered in this marvellous mini collection for KS1. The stunning photographs and accessible text ensures that your youngest pupils will be engaged with this fun, but also very important, subject.

6 books for £29.00 (SAVE £29.94)

RRP £58.94

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Our Emotions & Behaviours | KS1 PSHE | Hardback Collection

Teach your pupils to recognise our huge array of different emotions and how we can control them to help ensure good behaviour.

10 books for £50.00 (SAVE £49.90)

RRP £99.90

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Park Life Age 5-7

This cross-curricular collection of books will help children understand elements of their local environment through a very familiar setting. Subjects covered include minibeasts, British wildlife and nature, habitats and seasonal weather.

16 books for £75.00 (SAVE £75.85)

RRP £150.85

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Plants | KS1 Science

This collection is perfect for introducing the key aspects of the world of plants with simple diagrams, accessible formats and key word glossaries.

7 books for £35.00 (SAVE £34.93)

RRP £69.93

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Seasonal Changes | KS1 Science

Covering all four seasons, this collection is the perfect tool to teach young pupils what to expect during each seasonal period.

9 books for £25.00 (SAVE £25.44)

RRP £50.44

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Space | KS1 Science

Help young pupils understand the basics of our solar system including the sun, moon and planets.

7 books for £27.00 (SAVE £26.53)

RRP £53.53

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Topic Books for KS1 & KS2

Featuring an assortment of high-interest titles for those who love outlandish facts alongside important titles to support curriculum topics. These bright and appealing books are sure to encourage reading non-fiction for pleasure.

25 books for £141.00 (SAVE £141.43)

RRP £282.43

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