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Infants & Junior Books

Discount KS1 & KS2 Reading Books

Our collection of infant and junior books offer a wide and varied assortment of discounted titles for young readers.

We have an assortment of books for infants including big picture books, non fiction books to introduce key curriculum topics to new readers, and banded collections for juniors following book-band levels, with book banding stickers included to further aid reading progression.

Our junior books include the Goal! reading series, written for high interest age, low reading age boys, developing readers titles, and a selection of  value books especially designed to encourage and engage boys in reading through buy friendly characters and themes.

Animal Antics Age 7-9

This collection contains a wide variety of genres featuring animal characters that will ignite the imagination of both boys and girls. Includes reluctant, average and confident reads

10 books for £46.00 (SAVE £30.60)

RRP £76.60

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'Banded' Reading Collection: Box A S13

30 books for £95.00 (SAVE £43.70)

RRP £138.70

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'Banded' Reading Collection: Box C S13

26 books for £92.00 (SAVE £39.74)

RRP £131.74

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'Banded' Reading Collection: Non-Fiction

29 books for £139.00 (SAVE £120.57)

RRP £259.57

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Big Picture Books: 5-7 Years

Big Books are still popular aids for reading in KS1 classrooms, either in groups or as a whole class. In particular these titles encourage participation, prediction, visual literacy, and on enjoyment of sharing stories. Authors include the best selling Allan Ahlberg, Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul, Pamela Allen & Jan Ormerod

10 books for £71.25 (SAVE £79.67)

RRP £150.92

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Books for Junior Boys: Age 7-9

School Bargain Bookshop's range for boys is always extremely popular, but for the first time we are offering books that have been chosen specifically to appeal to boys in lower Key Stage 2. A fantastic variety of the most popular books, including Hooey Higgins, Dinosaur Cove and Alfie Small, this collection offers a range of the best recently-published books and some absolute firm favourites.

26 books for £96.00 (SAVE £34.44)

RRP £130.44

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Children's Choice Infants Age 5-7

A variety of charming infant picture books and readers that children will want to read over and over again. A perfect top up pack for book corners and libraries.

28 books for £94.00 (SAVE £64.00)

RRP £158.00

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Fact & Fiction High Interest for Boys

A collection that contains many subjects boys enjoy and love to read about: such as rats, sharks, monsters, football, plus many more!

15 books for £54.00 (SAVE £59.95)

RRP £113.95

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Goal! Reading Series for Boys: 7-11 years

A series of 48 football-themed decodable reading books especially written for high interest age, low reading age pupils & particularly boys. Not a conventional reading scheme as such, Goal! takes on the principles of a scheme. With levelled books & synthetic phonics the series follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. For more information please email info@schoolbargainbookshop.co.uk or contact your local agent (see page 16) to view books on approval. More information is available at www.ransom.co.uk

55 books for £145.00 (SAVE £154.99)

RRP £299.99

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Hobbies and Interests

This collection features a wide range of activities children can enjoy at school and at home. It includes titles on sports, animals, music, creative design plus many more.

17 books for £95.00 (SAVE £77.63)

RRP £172.63

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Leapfrog Readers

This vibrant assortment of Leapfrog Readers have been purposefully written to encourage reader development and improve confidence. Each title is illustrated throughout, has controlled vocabulary and contains a variety of fun characters that children can engage with.

16 books for £41.00 (SAVE £27.34)

RRP £68.34

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Polish: Fact & Fiction

These books will support Polish pupils as well as provide information about Poland for the whole class. Includes dual language fiction, dictionaries and non-fiction.

11 books for £57.00 (SAVE £32.40)

RRP £89.40

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Power & Fossil Fuels

This excellent value pack takes a look at a variety of power sources and fuels, where they come from, how we use them today.

15 books for £96.00 (SAVE £65.45)

RRP £161.45

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Reader Development Age 6-8

This is a varied collection of readers that support independent reading development and can be used alongside any reading scheme. Each title has a limited number of words, controlled vocabulary, picture cues and accessible storylines, ensuring that readers build up their confidence and have a rewarding reading experience.

25 books for £82.00 (SAVE £37.30)

RRP £119.30

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Significant Authors Age 7-11

This value collection covers ages 7-11 and celebrates those who have made a substantial contribution to children's literature. These authors have won an array of prizes, including the Costa Award, the Smarties Prize, Blue Peter Prize, Guardian Children's Prize plus many more.

15 books for £55.00 (SAVE £31.61)

RRP £86.61

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Sustainability is a huge issue in today's current world and will only continue to grow in importance. This pack is perfect for looking at the various ways we damage our planet and what we can do to reduce this.

20 books for £99.00 (SAVE £113.38)

RRP £212.38

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Through the Ages: History Collection Age 7-11

A history pack that is perfect for updating the library or project packs. Contains various titles that focus on World War Two, 20th Century Britain, Victorians, Egyptians and Ancient History.

28 books for £100.00 (SAVE £105.72)

RRP £205.72

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